Adaptogenic Herb : The benefits of Eleuthero herbal tea


The other day, I bought ELEUTHERO tea leaves at the shop booth

which was set up at the meeting place of the  JAMHA’s symposium.



which is the biggest herbal organization in Japan.


Eleuthero is the adaptgenic herb which is effective to

stress and fatigue of entire body.


I thought my body has been damaged by strong sunshine, 

UV rays and heat of Summer.




It seems like a wood chip, Actually roots of the plant

and smells like cypress bath*.


*Cypress bath is traditional Japanese bath style :

 the bathtub is made of cypress timber.


It almost feels like I’m in the forest.




The color of tea is light yellow.


Actually it doesn’t have much taste itself,

better to be blended with another herbs.


🌿Eleuthero Herb Profile


🌼History as medicinal plant



Eleuthero is grown in the cold climates.


It is called “Siberian Ginseng” in the United States.

In China,it has been used as herbal medicine for 2,000 years,

and called “CI WU JIA”.


Chinese people believe that Eleuthero raises life force vitality

and YIN-POWER from ages ago.

They have used it as tonic medicine.


Its Japanese name is “EZO-UKOGI”.

“EZO” is the old name of HOKKAIDO

where is the northernmost prefecture in Japan.


Since 1960, it has been attracting attention as Adaptogenic herb:

Which is effective stress treatment.


In the Soviet Union, eleuthero was the useful natural medicine among astronauts and athletes.

Many olympic medalists loved it around the world.

It was not seen as an infraction of doping rules.


🌼Benefits of Eleuthero



・Tonic for the entire body
・Revitalizing Energy
・Recovery from fatigue
・Raise immune systems
・Boost concentration
・Prevent from Infections


According to a recent research,

Eleuthero works like female hormone.

It is hoped to reduce risks of menopause,

breast cancer and prostatic cancer.




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Thank you for reading !