An experience of the seminar of 2019 JAMHA Summer symposium


It’s been a while since I last posted.


The other day, I attended The 20th symposium of JAMHA*

for the first time.



is the biggest herbal organization in Japan.

The number of individual members is 11,826.
The number of corporate members is 68.


The seminar consists of four sessions.
The main subject was the herbal life of Ainu* and Isigaki island* People,
and the lecture from an expert of Japanese botanical gardens.


* Ainu :

Indigenous people of Hokkaido and Tohoku

where is Northern prefectures in Japan

“Ainu” means humanbeing in the local language.


* Ishigaki island:

Japaniese island where is located to the west of Okinawa.

It is the second-largest island of the Yaeyama island group,

near from Taiwan, rather than Japan main island.

Nowadays we often travel the tropical resort on vacation. 


Ainu and Ishigaki island are both annexed to Japan.
They used to have each original language,

absolutely different from Japan.


The  traditional food, songs, dance, and culture was introduced

in the symposium and they are really interesting.
I found that both residents have significantly respects for their ancestors.

Ishigaki people believe that the spirits dwell where Chinese Banyans are grown up.
It’s interesting that there is a relationship between plants and GOD.


After the seminar, I found several shopping booths outside the seminar room.

I got Eleuthero tea-leaf.

Next time, I’ll post an article about Eleuthero tea.

Thank you for reading!