Hand Cream DIY with Japanese essential oils

Hi, this is Herbal pig🐷



Today, I’ll show you a report from Japanize’s Hand Cream DIY workshop.


What is Japanize?
The international exchange community, which is supported by Japanese non-profit organization.


It’s second time I’ve been here.
At the previous work shop, I made an Aroma Pendant.
Same teacher opened this class.
Another classmate is from United States and 
he is teaching English and history at Japanese junior high school. 
He said he came here to make Christmas present for his family.
I thought it’s excellent idea!
DIY hand cream is perfect for a holiday gift✨

🌿Japanese essential oils: Kuromoji and Gettou


I studied two kinds of Japanese essential oils: Kuromoji and Gettou.

🌼Kuromoji(from Kyoto)

Potential health benefits:
・Reduce pain
・Improve blood circulation
Kuromoji is a plant native to Japan.
It has been used as toothpicks to smell its scent with Japanese sweets.
This time, we used its essential oil from Kyoto.
It smell refreshing, like eucalyptus.

🌼Gettou(from Okinawa)

Potential health benefits:
・Reduce pain
・Astringing action
・Insect repellent
Gettou is Alpinia speciosa flower and it is native to Taiwan.
It only grows well at warm areas.
We used its essential oil from Okinawa.
Its essential oil smells milder and sweeter than that of Kuromoji.



We also studied about Carrier oils.

Carrier oils are made from plants.

Carrier oils are used to dilute essential oils and “carry” them to your skin. 

🌿How to make hand cream



・13ml Carrrier oil(Blending of Sweet Almond oil and Jojoba oil)
・10g Shea Butter(Refined)
・6g Bee-wax
・3drops Calendula oil
・4drops  Blended essential oil (1drop=0.05ml)

I blended these essential oils:
You can make your own blending, but you should avoid using strong-stimulus oils:
Spice oils and Citrus oils.
We used Refined Shea Butter to enjoy pure smell of essential oils.
Unrefined one smells earthy.
■To make the hand cream:

① Combine the Carrier oil,Shea Butter, Calendula oil, Bee-wax and Blended essential oil  in the beaker.

② Put ① in hot water and stir them while changing hot water, about three times.

③Pour ② into a case.

 It will turn into solid soon.

Decorated with Origami.
The hand cream smells subtle aroma scent.


Once you get hang of it, you can make it again.


Prease try it!


Bye bye~🖐💨