Herbal Certification Systems And Jobs In Japan


How To Study Herb Remedy Or Aromatherapy In Japan?


What Herb-Related Jobs Are There In Japan?


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Current Herbal Situation In Japan” is here.


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🌿Herbal Certifications in Japan


If you want to study about herbal therapy, you should take private lessons at accredited school.

Most of students are about 30-50 age.


I’ll show you several popular organizations which promote certifications:

🌼JAMHA(Japan Medical Herb Association)


Japan Medical Herb Association


JAMHA is a non-profit organization.

The number of individual members is about 10,000.

The number of corporate members is about 70.

This is the biggest medical herb-related group in Japan.


As for some certifications such as “Medical Herb Coordinator” or “Herb & Life Coordinator”,

you can get certified through self-study.

However, if you want to get higher-level certifications, you have to go to school

accredited by JAMHA before taking exam.


Each course fee is approximately $1,200-$1,500😫💦

And without the last grade, you can’t apply for higher grade certification.

(Most of other certification systems  are all the same.) 


I’m a licensed “Herbal Therapist” and studying for exam of “Senior Herbal Therapist”. 


🌼AEAJ (Aroma Environment Association of Japan)


(公社) 日本アロマ環境協会


AEAJ is Public Interest Incorporated Association approved by Cabinet Office.

The number of individual members is about 54,400.

The number of corporate members is about 270.

This is the biggest aromatherapy-related group in Japan. 


Many Japanese women called witches have some of AEAJ certifications.


According to the regulation at AEAJ, you should dilute essential oils 100 times.

And AEAJ does NOT recommend to ingest essential oils.

These are the important differences in regulations between Japan and other countries⭐



🌼NARD JAPAN(Natural Aromatherapy Research and Development Japan)


NARD JAPAN ナード・アロマテラピー協会



NARD* is established by Dominique Baudoux in Belgium.

It is source of aromatherapy, especially for medical practice.


*The name of NARD already changed to “The College international of Aromatherapy Dominique Baudoux”.


NARD JAPAN is established in 1998, to disseminate knowledge of aromatherapy in Japan. 

NARD JAPAN edited an encyclopedia of Chemotype essential oils.


PRANAROM and PRIMAVERA are often used for aromatherapy in Japan.

I see these essential oils a lot.


Pranarōm USA – Certified Organic Essential Oils
Pranarom offers sustainably sourced and third-party certified organic essential oils, natural remedi…
Home Page (EN)


🌼IFPA(International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists) 🌼IFA(International Federation of Aromatherapists)


IFPA – International Federation of Professional Aromatherapists
Aromatherapy Governing Body Aromatherapy Representative Body Scientific Empirical Information Training Support
The International Federation of Aromatherapists (IFA) awards qualifications as an Awarding Body and …


IFPA and IFA are both international organizations in England.

These names are close because IFA was originally going to be integrated into IFPA.


Both are popular in Japan though I don’t know correct amount of membership.


In Japan, many people who have these licenses want to be therapist.

It costs more than $8,200 while 6-18 months.


🌿Herbal Jobs in Japan



There are several types of herbal job in Japan.


As for salespersons or aromatherapists, there are plenty of job openings.


However, if you want to be a tutor, you should be a freelance.

My teacher does pharmacist as a second job.


Many 40-50 age women open private school at their own home.

In this case, students will receive school address after formal application for protecting tutor’s privacy,

Or men without accompanied by woman is permitted. 

That happens a lot.


These school offer a variety of classes such as herbal cooking, aroma craft, botanical tour, and so on.



There is no herbal-pharmacy because medical practice is illegal in Japan.

But it’s interesting that some of herb-related professionals are medical workers.


🌿Famous herbalists in Japan


There are some famous herbalists in Japan.


For example, Mr. Shinichiro Hayashi is an author, teacher, pharmacist and president of Green Flask.

He is also Vice-Director of JAMHA.


Mr. Hayashi’s blog: https://ameblo.jp/greenflask-yashiha/


The title means “The Live broadcast of Integrative Medicine”.

He edited Dr.Andrew Weil’s book.


Regarding other famous herbalist, Ms.Kaoru Sasaki is also an author and general manager of

Tree of life which is the biggest herb shop in Japan.


She is a pioneer in Japanese aromatherapy✨


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